Train Enquiry, Time Table & Schedule For Train Travel in India

Train Enquiry

Get Time Table & Schedule information about a train using train number or train name. In Indian Railways each train is allotted with definite train number and has defined time for departure and arrival at various stations.

To enquiry time table about a train, all you need is the train number. A train number has five digits. Example, 12176. Enter the train number XXXXX and Click the SUBMIT button. The complete information about the train will be displayed in a new page. It always appears healthy to look at the train time table or check the train schedule before you plan for the journey.

National Railway Enquiry

Online train time table and train enquiry system serves a great deal to the Indian Railway Train Passengers. Train time tables give you overall information about a particular train or schedules of train from specific source to destination. National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is a support system of Indian Railways. It provides information to the public about train schedule, train time table, arrival and departure information on real time basis.

Finding the right train for your travel is gruesome because multiple trains may run from your boarding station to destination or specific destinations. Besides, Indian railways run different types of trains, from local trains, passenger train to superfast trains. Online train time table gives crisp information about the movement of trains in a single window. In the last 100 years different types of trains have been started to increase the comfort of train travelers. Below are the list of some of some popular Indian Railway trains that everyone should know.

Train Enquiry, Train Time Table & Train Schedule

Intercity Trains Enquiry - Intercity Trains run between two major cities of India and complete a round trip on same day. Intercity Trains only has chair cars and second sitters with AC.

Rajdhani Trains Enquiry - Rajdhani Trains connect some of the big cities to the national capital city New Delhi, Rajdhani Trains are have the highest significance among Indian Railways train and are fully air-conditioned.

Shatabdi Trains Enquiry - Shatabdi Trains are fastest Indian Railway trains that connect the major Indian metro cities to other important cities that are known for pilgrimage, tourism, business and politics also.

Garib Rath Trains Enquiry - Garib Rath Trains are fully air-conditioned trains and are highly affordable, Garib Rath Trains’ ticket fare cost just 50%-60% of the normal fare of other air-conditioned Indian Railway trains.

Duronto Trains Enquiry - Duronto Trains are Long-distance trains with less stops stations, Duronto Trains connects metro cities and all large state capitals in India.

Toy Trains: The Toy Trains are also called as Hill Trains in India. Toy Trains runs through the mountains in almost India’s all hill stations. Toy Trains in India are Darjeeling Himalayan Train, Nilgiri Mountain Train, Kalka - Shimla Train, Kangra Valley Train and Matheran Hill Train.

Bullet Trains: Bullet Trains are High-speed train, and which is a type of fast rail transport. Therefore, the Bullet Trains will connect major commercial cities like Mumbai to Ahmadabad & Bangalore to Mysore.

Local Trains: The Local Trains runs in major commercial cities in India. There are many local Trains, and these are most useful for daily local passengers, most popular Local Train in India is Mumbai Local.

Semi High-Speed Train: Semi high-speed rail (HSR) is an international rail transport standard. The speeds of the Semi high-speed rail are around 200 km/h (120 mph) and Gatimaan Express is the present fastest Semi High-Speed Train train in India with speed of 160 km/h (99 mph) which runs on Delhi-Agra route.

Metro Trains: Metro Trains are connecting the corners of major cities of India. Currently Delhi Metro, Kolkata Metro, Mumbai Metro, Kerala Metro, Bangalore Metro, Hyderabad Metro and Jaipur Metro are serving the train passengers. Metro Trains reducing the traffic on roads and time for the Metro Train passengers.

Goods Carrier Trains: Goods Carrier Trains used to transport cargo rather than passengers. The Goods Carrier Trains transport large amount and all type of goods including coal, fish, vegetables, etc. Goods Carrier Trains are specially developed for moving heavy goods from one place to another place in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Apart from above trains, there are also Super-fast Trains, Express Trains, Jan Shatabdi Trains, Mail Trains, Passenger Trains, Rajya Rani Trains and Jansadharan Trains.

Just enquiry the train schedule is not enough. If you want to enjoy your train travel, you also need to know:

Duration of the Train Travel - Train travel timings between two stations for different Indian Railway trains may fluctuate. So, it is important to know the duration of the train journey before booking your train ticket.

Stoppage on Stations on the way: Not a single Indian Railway trains runs as per your wish. Most of the time, train travelers must know about the train that would stop at a station for a few minutes. Therefore, when searching for Indian Railway train, make sure to check the train schedule between two railway stations to confirm that your train stops at the station of your destination.

Arrival Timing - In case you are travelling to a place with pre-planned schedule, you just can’t afford to be late to reach your destination. Confirm the Indian Railway Trains’ timetable between two railway stations to know the arrival time of your train at your destination station

National Train Enquiry

Enquire about Indian Railway Trains, like Time Table & Schedule when the train has departed, the station from where the train has departed and the station names along with time and distances are charted all at one time.

Since inception, Enquiry Counter endeavors to update its visitors with best updates of Indian Railways. Get latest train schedule updates of all Indian trains here with just few clicks of your mouse.

Thousands of people use Indian Railways to commute on daily basis due to amazing services. One of the major drawbacks of Indian Railways is that they do not update their passenger with latest information about trains. With the arrival of online train time table, the process of railways booking for travel has completely become quick and inconvenience free. Passengers can easily book their respective train tickets and can collect all relevant information while being at home only.

IRCTC Train Times Enquiry

Railway Enquiry

Each train has fixed time for departure and arrival at different stations. Indian Railways train schedule can be easily checked by visiting the website of Enquiry Counter, avoiding calling and standing in queue in the front of Indian Railways office.

What information do you get in train enquiry?

A train enquiry will display the following information:

  • Name of the train, followed by train number
  • Details about source and destination
  • Brief information about the route
  • Days of the week on which the train runs
  • Duration of the journey from source to destination
  • Details about the coach and classes
  • List of stations from source to destination where the train halts, along with timings and duration of halt

Book your tickets without hassles with train time table handy.

Without any enquiry to the railway enquiry counters and/or railway stations, or seeking for ticket bookings over phone, you can easily check train time table. It provides reliable information about movement of the train. You can look up for the  train schedule information on