Trains on Railway Station

Each Indian Railways' train has fixed station for departure and arrival on all railway stations. Indian Railways train arrival and departure can be easily checked by putting the station code in below search box, avoiding calling and standing in queue in the front of Indian Railways Enquiry Counters.

This is the easiest way to get detailed train arrival & departure timings information. You just need to enter the train number and click on submit button. Arrival and departure times at various stations for the inquired train will get displayed.

Railway Time Table of Trains on Railway Station: -
“Trains on station” is a unique service that helps users to get the list of trains that passes through, depart from or reaches a specific destination.

Every day, thousands of trains pass hundreds of railways stations which runs through different zones. Indian railways offer rail transport even to the remote areas. Train enquiry has become quite common among millions of users who look forward to plan a travel. It is essential to find the list of trains that departs from or have a stoppage at your place. For instance, if you wish to know about the trains from Hyderabad, you should enter the Station Code HYD and click SUBMIT button.

You will be directed to a new page, where the list of trains from Hyderabad, trains passing through Hyderabad will be displayed. This is a comprehensive list that provides information about arrival, departure of each train. Besides, the list of mentions about the source, destination and running details of every train listed. Based on the information about the trains, you can plan your travel or book your ticket.

Train Schedule of Trains on Station

Question: How to check the list of trains that arrives at my station?
Answer: You should know about the station code of the respective stoppage you need to check.

Question: How do I know whether superfast trains like Durunto express pass through my station?
Answer: Enter the station code of the stoppage of your place and check the list.

Question: Can I check live running status with station codes?
Answer: yes you can get the live running status of the trains that is listed with respect to specific station code.

Question: What are the types of stations I can use the search option “Train on Station?”
Answer: You can use the search query for train enquiry of all stations, across India. It includes central stations of railway hub, major junctions, small stations in towns and villages.

Question: Can I get the time table schedule of a specific train from the list?
Answer: Yes. Click on the train name of which you want to see the schedule. The link will open a new page detailing the train time table, from source to destination information, running status, etc.

Question: Does the list of trains vary everyday for same station code?
Answer: It may vary because the results are for next 4 hours only. Some trains, which covers longer distance run on alternative days. There are weekly trains, and special trains. Train on stations helps you get the train time table of the special trains during special seasons.

Question: Is it possible to check the live running status from the search list?
Answer: Yes. Click on the train and you will get the live running status and other information about that specific train.

Trains on Railway Station Enquiry

Trains Time Table, Arrival & Departure on Railway Stations Live:

  1. Please enter a valid Station Code / Name and click on 'Submit' button.
  2. On the result page you will get to see the detailed information about the enquired station name/code you submitted.
  3. At the top of the webpage, you will get to see the name of the station.
  4. You also get further information about the trains on enquired railway station like: 'Name of Train', 'Train Number', 'Arrival Time', 'Departure Time', 'Halt Time' etc.
  5. 5. If you do not get any result displayed then perhaps you have made any of the following errors:
    (a). Station Name or Code entered is not valid