Trains Cancelled in India

Cancelled Trains

List of All Indian Railways’ Trains Cancelled for Today & Tomorrow Due to Fog, Accident, Strikes, Riots, Natural Disasters, Technical Failures @

At you just need to put the date for which you want to check the list of cancelled trains. In the list you will get train name, train number, source name and destination station of all cancelled trains.

List of Trains Cancelled Today

Where do I find the information about cancelled trains? This is one of the major queries of many rail users. There are many reasons, Indian railways may cancel trains even as the last call.

Indian Railways cancels trains for riot, fog, accident, technical faults and natural disasters. Many times, passengers do not get quick update about the cancelled trains. Besides, there are not many websites that give you the list of cancelled trains. We provide you with this facility. You can go for train enquiry to check the cancelled trains list.

It will be pitiful to wait for a cancelled train, for hours. When you check the information before hand, you can plan for your travel in different way. It is difficult to get the information about the cancelled trains. Not anymore. Just enter the date in this section and click on SUBMIT button. A new page will direct you to a new page, which lists the cancelled trains.

Train Cancelled Tomorrow

  1. Visit the Enquiry Counter website
  2. Click on the link named as “Cancelled Trains” given on the header of the home page of the website.
  3. At the top of the webpage, you will get to see the name of the train.
  4. You will land to “Cancelled Trains” search page.
  5. Enter the date via calendar to check list of cancelled trains for that particular date.
  6. You will be redirected to list of Cancelled Trains Result Page.
  7. 6. A page will be displayed showing all cancelled train information such as train name, train number, source station and destination.
Train enquiry for cancelled trains during rain and monsoon season shall be very much useful for all passengers. Selection of date is deceptively easy. It just has one field, date. Whenever you check the page, you will already find that today’s date is selected. If you wish to check for cancelled trains other dates, for instance for tomorrow, enter tomorrow’s date and click submit.

Indian Railway Cancelled Trains List

Indian Trains
Question: How helps to find the list of cancelled trains?
Answer: provides the railway passenegers this exclusive option to search all cancelled online. All you need is to enter the date to check the list of cancelled trains.

Question: How to select date to check the cancelled trains?
Answer: You can choose the date through the calendar input or enter manually.