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Train Running Status

Now all Information about Train Running Status Live of Indian Railways is available online. Now Indian Railways Trains can be easily spot here on Enquiry Counter.

Now you can spot or track current status of train with information like time when the train has departed, the station from where the train has departed and the station names along with time and distances are charted all at one time. You can get all information at a single glance just by entering the train number. It is very vital information for the travelers who want to know the real time information about the live running status of the train. You can get more information about train. For example: ‘Train Name', ‘Number', ‘Start Location', 'Current Location', ‘Final Destination', 'Delay' and 'Expected Time of Arrival’ etc.

Current Train Status
Current Train Live Running Status refers to the current status of the train which gives the information about the delay of the train you search. It gives the details of the train from source to departure, along with the details of the stoppages. The train live running status gives the details of the delay of the train in each station. It gives the details of the expected time of arrival and departure at each station. There is also information about the time of delay in the stations in which the train has not yet arrived.

Trains are one of the most popular transport options that people in India prefer to choose over other mediums. Millions of people everyday commute through railways for both long and short distance journeys. That is why railway stations are always crowded. India has one of the biggest railway networks in the world. In this article, we will discuss Train Live Running Status.

Once you enter the correct train number to check the train live running status, you will be redirected to a page that shows the details of the live running status. Since you want to know the live running status of trains, there is no need to change the date. The default date shall be the date of the train enquiry.

Spot Your Train

Live train status is important because there are innumerable trains which travel throughout the country at different times of the day. So you might be wondering, where is my train?. Therefore to save the time which you would otherwise spend at the railway station waiting for your train, live status timings are important. Live status gives you details about a lot of things related to your concerned train and train timings:

How to Spot Your Train
Now we will tell you how to check the live train status of your allocated train:

Enter the valid five-digit train number which you been earmarked in the inquiry form and click on 'Submit' button.

Then you can go to the section named header on inquiry tab page; you can then find all the information that you need about the train number for which you submitted the inquiry.

Live Train Status

There are some other important details, knowing which will help you to travel in a smarter way:

You can cancel your train tickets if there are some unavoidable circumstances. If you cancel your tickets, then you will be refunded after deducting the processing charges.

The train which you were supposed to board might also get canceled. If the train gets canceled by the railway, then your entire money will be refunded back.

So nowadays with the help of Live Train Status, you can easily check and get details of your concerned train by just sitting at home or anywhere else. So, before you plan the next trip, do not forget to look at the status of your train using the Live train status.

Indian Railways has launched an exclusive platform to check the train live running status, National Train Enquiry System (NTES). Similarly, IRCTC, the authorized online reservation site of Indian Railways also gives the details of the running status of the train. However, you need to login, and check the information. It may take a few minutes.

You can get the same option here to check the train running status which provides the same details. This section provides you real time information about train running live status.

When the train runs on time, you will get the message on screen, “No Delay.” If there is delay, there will be a message “delayed by 10 minutes” or so.

Checking the train running status online is extremely beneficial for the users. It provides current information about the arrival of train which helps them plan to reach the boarding station at right time. The search results about train live running status also gives details of delay for each stoppage.

Train Running Status Live

Track Train

No matter, whether you are traveling for long distance or short distance, a passenger must be updated about all the relevant information about trains to avoid inconvenience while on the move. Here Enquiry Counter comes into action by helping Indian railways passenger by providing many latest updated and live running status of trains at the comfort of their place via

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How to check the train live running status?
Just enter the five digit number of the train to get the live running status of the train. Enter the train number, choose the date on which you want the train enquiry and click on submit button. You get the current running status of the train and the overall running status of the train.